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Maths Questions Answers
Maths Profit and Loss Questions AnswersMaths Profit and Loss Questions Answers
Class - VIII - Maths

How to Calculate Profit and Loss (Page 3/4)

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Important Tips (1) Profit and Loss is already explained in previous chapter. Some time when expected profit is achieved or there is possibility of more losses, then people sell the things at a discounted rates.

Discount is nothing but presenting the things is a different way.

Discount generally reduces the profit margin. But please note that it may increase the total profit gained in a particular duration (days or months)

Question - Type 5 - A watch is sold at 15% discount for Rs 340/-. Find the original selling (Marked) price of watch.

Answer - 5-

Remember (ref the Fig.)
Marked Price = (Selling Price * 100) / (100 - Discount %)
= (340*100)/(100-15)
= (34000/85)
= Rs 400

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