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Maths Questions Answers
What is a Square RootWhat is a Square Rootroot

Class - VIII - Maths

What is a Square Root (Page 1/10)

Square is a two dimetional concept, having length and width equal.

 In Fig-1-1 both the sides are having 2 unit and therefore it is Square of 2 i.e. 2*2=4 unit

In Fig-1-2 both the sides are having 3 unit and therefore it is Square of 3 i.e. 3*3=9 unit

 Now What is Square Root: This is reverse calculation to find out units in each direction

Fig 1-1 is having 4 units, and 2 unit is each direction. Therefore the Square root of 4 is 2. Similerly the square root of 9 is 3.

Now consider Fig-1-3. It is having one side 2 unit and other side 3 units i.e. total 6 uits. Now if you arrange it it any fashion, you will   not get perfect square.

To find out if square Root, lets brake two units i smaller parts. Not it is square of unit side.
Therefore the square root of 6 is 2.449 (this will be discussed in detail in future)

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