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Spoon Feeding Funny Game

Material Required for Spoon Feeding Funny Game:
1. 200 gm of Rajama (or any other food grain)
2. One Spoon
3. One bowl

Spoon Feeding Funny Game
Spoon Feeding Funny Game site
Rules : 1. Once the game started the spoon can not be touched with hand
2. Player is not allowed to touch the Rajama or bowl by hand
3. Rajama fell out side the bowl will not be counted
4. Player can pick any no of Rajama at a time with his spoon
Spoon  Game Description of Spoon Feeding Funny Game :
1. Decide the sequence by lottery
2. Keep the empty bowl and Rajama at one place
3. Ask the player to place the spoon in his mouth
4. Start the game
5. Player will pick the Rajama and place in the bowl
6. After 1 minutes the player with max Rajama is Spoon Feeding Funny Game winner
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