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Parking Perfection Game

Material Required for Parking Perfection Game:
1. Three nos of small glass bowl (fit to accept TT ball)
2. 10 nos of TT balls
3. Three Table stand
4. One 5 meter ling measuring tape having concave surface (as shown if figure)

Parking Perfection Game
Parking Perfection Funny Games site
Rules : 1. Player is not allowed to come out from inner circle during the game.
2. Players is free to use any no of ball, if during the game ball falls from the tape.
3. Max 1 minutes is allowed to one player.
4. Ball should remain in the glass bowl till the
end of 1 minute.
5. The player who puts all the three ball is winner. In case of tie, the player who completes the game in less time is winner

Parking  Game Description of Parking Perfection Game :
1. make a inner circle and place the three stands (with glass bowl on it) at approx
1 to -1.5M distance from the inner circle.
2. Provide sufficient nos of TT ball to player and start the game.
3. Player will roll the ball on tape, so that it reaches to the bowl.
4. Record the time for completing all three ball
Player with minimum time is Parking Perfection Game winner

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