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Cards Cool Games to Play

Material Required for Cards Cool Games to Play:
1. One pack of cards
2. Six stands

Cards Cool Games to Play
Cards Cool Games to Play New Funny Games
Rules : 1. Take a pack of cards and remove all cards other than A,K,Q,J,10,9
2. Only cards on correct stand will be counted.
3. No penalty for wrong placement
4. Player can take only one card at a time

Cards  Games to Play Description of Cards Cool Games to Play :
1. Suffel the cards properly and keep on the central stand.
2. All the other stand on outer circle should be marked as A,K,Q,J, 10 & 9
3. Each player will be given 1 minute
4. Start the game.
5. Player will take one card and place on the respective stand.
6. At the end of 1 minute count the cards place on 6 stands and that is score. Discard the wrong card placed.
The player with max score is Cards Cool Games to Play winner

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