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Hanky Most Fun Games

Material Required for Hanky Most Fun Games:
1. 100 glass marbles
2. 5 big size handkerchief
3. Lots of Rubber band

Hanky Most Fun Games
Hanky Most Fun Games New Fun Games site
Rules : 1. Only one handkerchief and 20 marbles will be given to one player
2. No restriction on no of rubber band distributed
3. Each marble is to be tied separately
4. 5 players will play at a time. If more quantity of items is available more players can play marbles
Hanky Fun Games Description of Hanky Most Fun Games :
1. Distribute the marbles, handkerchief and rubber band as stated above
2. Each player is required to put one marble in handkerchief and secure it with rubber band as shown in figure
3. He can put the marble any where on the handkerchief. Since only one handkerchief is given therefore players are required to place the marble in such a way that max no of them can be accommodated.
4. Start the game
5. Players will be putting the marbles as shown.
6. At the end of 1 minute the game is stopped
7. After the game marbles properly secured >with rubber band is the score
8. Open all the rubber bands and repeat for next lot of players
9. The player with max nos. of marbles is 'Play Marbles Cool Fun Games ' winner.
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