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Balloon Games for couples

Material Required for Balloon Games for couples:
    1. Medium size balloon as per no of participants

Balloon Games for couples
Balloon Games for couples New Fun Games site
Rules : 1. Balloons to stay on forehead only
2. If balloon slips to any partner body below the neck then that couple is disqualified
3. If balloon bursts (due to any reason) then that couple is disqualified
4. Balloon can not be touched by any partner during the race
5. use of any adhesive is not permitted
Balloon for couples Description of Balloon Games for couples :
1. All the partners will stand at start line
2. Distribute the balloons to each partner
3. Ask then to place the balloon as shown in figure
4. When all payers have placed the balloons properly ask them to remove there hand from balloons
5. Signal to start
6. The couple who reaches the finish line first is the 'Balloon Games for couples winner '

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