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Questions and Answers Games

Material Required for Questions and Answers Games:
1. What is your partners favorite color   2. What is your partners favorite male singer
3. What is your partners favorite vegetarian food &nbp; 4. What is your partners 1st hobby
5. What is your partners birth place
6 etc.

Questions and Answers Games
Questions and Answers Fun Games site
Rules : 1. Talking of phone or communication in any form during the game is not allowed
2. The first answer will be taken
Questions Answers Games Description of Questions and Answers Games :
1. Take two set of questions paper
2. Ask the partners to sit in different room
3. Ask the questions to one partner
4. Repeat the same question with other partners (in this case the partner should reply as if he is the other partner)
5. Compare the answers
6. The person with max. correct answer is 'Questions and Answers Games' winner

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