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The Button Game for Fun

Material Required for The Button Game for Fun:
1. One bowl full of rice
2. 30-40 small buttons       
3. One Black cloth strip.
4. One bowl
The Button Game for Fun
The Button Game for Fun
Rules : 1. You are not allowed to touch your eyes cloth during the game.
2. Only one hand to be used during the game.
3. NO rice grain to be shifted in the bowl along with button.
4. The number of rice grain shifted will be deducted from the score.
The for Fun Description of The Button Game for Fun :
1. Mix all the rice & buttons.
2. Cover the player eyes with black cloth.(blind fold) so that he is not able to see.
3. Signal to start the game
4. Each player will use only one hand to pick the buttons from mixture.
5. Buttons are to be kept in bowl.
6. After one minute the number of buttons minus rice grain in the container is the score.
7. Player with max score is  The Button Game for Fun winner.
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