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Feather Game for Adults

Material Required for Feather Game for Adults:
1. Two nos of small artificial feather

Feather Game for Adults
Game for Adults
Rules : 1. The feather are to be kept in air, only by blowing the air from mouth.
2. No part of the body should touch the feather.
3. Player is not allowed to come out the playing circle.
4. As soon as any one feather touches the ground or any part of body game is over.
5. Max time is 1 minutes
Feather  Adults Description of Feather Game for Adults :
1. Player should keep both the feather in his hand and release it as soon as game starts.
2. he will blow the air from mouth to keep the feathers in air.
3. When ever any feather touches ground or any part of body, note the time.

The player with max time is Feather Game for Adults game winner

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Feather Game Adults