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How to Design website tips - 5 ( Basics of style.css file )

A simple website for home use or for a small besiness can be very easyly developed by a individual. You require a good contact and some knowledge of HTML. A basic knowledge can be aquired by goin through these five sections of ' How design website tips'. Please fell free to contact us for any clarification.
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1 The 'style.css' file is mostly placed in the same folder, where your web page is stored. However it's not mandatory.

2 As explained earlier, for a simple web page you don't require this file. For a complex web page this file is used to define the locations of text / images / tables / background color and other various style.

3 If you are having 'style.css' file then the following command must be there in your web page file in the < head > div..

4 Open a style.css file in your notepad and add following command to define a label 'header'. Please note the position from top & left and width and height.

5 Now make one more label 'leftcol' with following lines. Save the style.css file

6 Add the following reference in your web page i.e. in sample.html and see the result. What ever you difine in '< div id = "header' or "leftcol" will apper at that location only.

7 Now change the values in your style.css file as below (I have changed the top position and left position of leftcol). Save the style.css file and see the result of web page.

-- End of How to Design website tips - 5 ( Basics of style.css file ) -- Quick link to other sessions
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