How to Design website tips

How To Design Website Tips

How to Design website tips   !   How to Design website tips   !     !  

How Design website tips - 1 (Basic Structure)

A simple website for home use or for a small besiness can be very easyly developed by a individual. You require a good contact and some knowledge of HTML. A basic knowledge can be aquired by goin through these five sections of ' How to design website tips'. Please fell free to contact us for any clarification.
Sl How To Design website tips
1 Most of the page folder will have
a) HTML file
b) Images folder - containing all the images
c) style.css file - in this file lay out is stored
However a simplest web page will have only HTML file
2 Open the 'notepad' in windows and write the following (this is the basic and min lines of a program.

3 In sl no 2 please note that 'META NAME' lines are required for search engines. 'link href' line is required only if you are using a style sheet. As a bigners you may ignore these 3 lines. Your page may simply look like

4 Save your file as .html extension. say sample.html
You will find a file with the image as shown
On clicking this icon your web page will open.
For modification You can open this file in notepad.
You can also open the text file while your web page is
open. On web page menu bar click 'view' and then 'source'. Do the modification and click 'save' through 'file' menu. Press 'refresh' button to see the changes.
5 Please note that commands are written within '< >' box and command are ended with '< / >' box
IMPORTANT : Make it a habit to write the web page in small letters only, because some commands are not recognized by server if written in CAPITAL letters.
-- End of How to Design website tips - 1 ( Basic Structure of HTML) -- Quick link to other sessions
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