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Table in HTML

Exercise - 6.1 (Inserting Table in HTML)    

Now we will insert the table in the Right Area of index.html file. Open the file 'index.html' in note pad. Write the following command between <div id='right'> and </div> body' tag, (just after the closing of </p> tag.)

<table border='single' style='color:Table in HTML0000ff;'>
<caption>Premier Games</caption>
<th>Sl No</th>
<th>Name of The Game</th>
<th>Size Name</th>
<tr> <td>1</td>
<td>Sky JOJO</td>
<td>12 MB</td>
<td>Rs 6500/=</td></tr>
<tr> <td>2</td>
<td>22 MB</td>
<td>Rs 7800/=</td> </tr>
<tr> <td>3</td>
<td>Water JOJO</td>
<td>21 MB</td>
<td>Rs 7900/=</td></tr>

HTML Save the file and click on 'index.html'. Right portion of your web page will look as per FIG-6.1

Table in HTML
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