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Optimization Problems

Chapter - 26 : Validation and Optimization Problems: (Page 5/5)

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d) Distribution of Content in Web page: Most of the search engine goes through your content to access it's relevance with key word. The following are a general thumb rule

I) Number of words in content: In general a web page should not be very small or lengthy. A web page having number of words between 150 to 1000 is acceptable.

II) Distribution of key words in web page: Key word must appear within first 10% of content and last 10% of content and in between it should be evenly distributed.

III) At lease one of your key word should be Bold and Underlined to show the importance.

e) Link Texts Effect: To show your web page relevance with key word, it's important to have text link with the similar site or page, at least 1 of the link text should have key word.

f) Alt attribute effect:The search engine does not recognize any thing by the image, but it recognizes the 'alt' tag. Therefore if you are using images in your web page, use key word in the 'alt' attribute as image description.

<a href='...'><img src='..' Alt='jojo online game' />

Do not use more than 3 alt tags with your key word. More than 3 will look like spanning.

g) Page Loading Time: Many search engines will rank you low, if your web page takes a lot of time in loading. Therefore do not use too many big size images and dynamic script in one page.
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