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Object Param tags in html

Chapter - 12 Special Characters & Other Tags (Object Param): (Page 4/4)

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12.7- Param Tag: This tag is used to define the values of an object. This is prominently used to define the size of a movie clip on a web page.

Command: <object width='300' height='250'>
<param name='movie' value='game.swf'>
This will run the game.swf file in 300*250 px dimension.

12.8- Quotation Marks: To insert a quotation mark before and after a text 'q' tag is used.

Command: This is a <q>Unique place.</q>
Output: This is a Unique place.

12.9- Span: Some times you will see a 'span' tag in HTML. The 'span' tag does not do much thing by itself. It is generally used to define a 'class' in 'style sheet' and correspondingly in HTML. In style sheet define the color with following command

span.blue {color:blue;}
span.green {color:green;}
Correspondingly in HTML you can define it

Command: The sky is <span class='blue'>Blue</span> and earth is <span class='green'> Green</span>.

Output: The sky is Blue and earth is Green

Object Param tags in html
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