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Material Required for Web Development

1.2.2 - Material Required: (Page 3/3)    

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For learning / development of a small web site, you do not require any thing except a computer having 'Note Pad' installed (this is available in your Start --> Accessories --> Note Pad). Do not use 'rich text format' like 'Microsoft Word' etc, because the HTML does not recognize some of its input.

As you move towards advance programming, you may need HTML writing / validation software. Fortunately many trial / limited version of HTML writing / validation software are freely available and the same can be downloaded from the internet for free. If you are not a professional / commercial web developer, the free versions are good enough.

After the end of most of the section there is an 'Exercise'. After finishing the chapter, just keep on completing this exercise. DO NOT DELETE the work done in one chapter, because you will need it for the next chapter. At the end you will have a web site of 2 pages. Just run it on your local computer.

(** Throughout the book it's assumed that we are going to make web page for our 'JOJO an Online Game'. In book what ever is written in '
RED Color' are the actual command / language, and what ever written in 'GREEN color' is the explanation for that command and should be ignored, while writing in your actual web page.

Special comments are written in blue color**)

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