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Maths Questions Answers
A Perfect Square RootA Perfect Square Root
Class - VIII - Maths

A Perfect Square Root (Page 6/10)

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Question Type- 8 - Find the smallest number by which 3645 must be divided so that product becomes a perfect square. Also find the square root of perfect square.

Answer - 8- Make the factors and pair the number. The number which does not have a pair is the smallest number by which it is to be divided.


Since '5' does not have a pair, therefore it is to be divided by 5 to become a perfect square.

The square root is 3*3*3 (one number from each pair)=27

Question Type - 9 - Find the least no to be subtracted from 19331 to make perfect square.

Answer - 9- Find the square root by division method and the reminder left is the min number.

Find out square root of 19331 and you will find 139 as answer and 10 as reminder.

Therefore subtract 10 from 19331 =19321.

19321 is a square of 139.

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