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The Ball Game Most Funny Games

The Ball Game Most Funny Games The Ball Game Most Funny Games

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Name: The Ball Game

a) Material Required:

1. Table
2. TT Ball

b) Rules:

funny games 1. Spectators can shout for enjoyment, but helping to find the ball is not allowed.
2. Player is not allowed to touch the table / ball by hand.
3. Ball should be completely out from the marked circle.

c) Description of Game:

1. Make a circle on the table (slightly bigger than TT ball) and keep the ball in the center
2. Blind fold the player
3. He/she stands with his/her back to the table.
4. start the stop watch and signal the start. At the command he/she makes 5 steps forwards, turns around, comes back to the table and tries to blows the ball off the table.
5. Note the time, when the ball is completely out from circle.
Player with min timing is The Ball Game winner

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