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Kids Fun Games Site

Couple Fun Games Site

Family Fun Games site Although kids can also play the Fun games explained in the main category, but this section is specially designed for small Kids.
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Fun Games Site

Fun Games are                   informal Game played during                         Picnic, Birthday, anniversary                                     parties etc., With slight                                     innovation any activity                                     can be converted into                                     game.
In this section the fun games are specially designed for couples (preferably husband and wife) and you cannot play game as a individual.
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Individual Fun Games for All ( Kids / Girls / Boys )

There are few Fun Games which you can play alone as a time pass
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Fun Game : These Fun Games are very interesting and joyful. These fun games does not have any standard rule, but it's very important to frame and define the Games' rule in advance otherwise the joy of game will be turned into controversy. Happy Gaming
Individual Fun Games Series
    Fun Games #3) Creative Writing
    Fun Games #4) Cool Games
    Fun Games #5) Fly The Kite
    Fun Games #6) Cloth Folding
    Fun Games #7) Paper Toss
    Fun Games #8) Identification Fun
    Fun Games #9) The Money Game
    Fun Games #10) Trading Card

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Got new fun Games for party : Dear friends, Please forward new fun Games idea (at seema@fungames-site.com) to be included in fun games site. Your name and will be included in the Game page as Game Author (if you wish so).
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