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Unique Identifier Code

Material Required for Unique Identifier Code:
1. Tags of different personality like King Queen etc.

Unique Identifier Code
Unique Identifier Code Fun Games site
Rules :
1. No player should try to look on the tag placed on his back.
2. If any player identifies himself, then he should only tell the organizer and not to other player.
Unique Code Description of Unique Identifier Code :

1. Write the names of famous people on index cards.
2. Tape one card to the back of each player.
3. Everyone walk around in the same room.
4. Instruct them not to mention the names on their backs, but to talk to everyone as if they are the people whose names are on their cards.
5. As people begin to correctly guess their identities, they have to continue to treat the people who still don't know their identities like the stars whose names are taped to their backs.
6. When everyone guesses the names on their backs correctly the game is over.
7. The player who guessed 1st is Unique Identifier Code winner
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