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Swing Out Sister Game

Material Required for Swing Out Sister Game:
1. Few Balloons
2. String / belt
3. Tennis Balls

Swing Out Sister Game
Swing Out Sister Game New Fun Games site
Rules :
1. No Player is allowed to touch the belt after the game starts.
2. One the Balloon goes beyund the gal post, the game is over.
Swing  Sister Game Description of Swing Out Sister Game :

1. Put on the belts and tie thick strings to it. To the end of the string tie an tennis ball.
2. Ball should 5-10 cm. above the floor-level.
3. The balloons is kept at distance of 10-12 metres from the goal post (if no goal post
use chairs).
4. Swinging the ball between the legs and hit the balloon towards "the goals".
5. The player who reaches the goal in min time
is Swing Out Sister Game winner
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