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The Money Game Expert

Material Required for The Money Game Expert:
1. 10 stands and 10 nof of beer bottle.
2. 50 nos of coin (slightly bigger than the mouth of bottle.
3. 10 nos of Rs 100 paper note.

The Money Game Expert
The Money Game Expert New Fun Games site
Rules : 1. Player is not suppose to touch and other item except the paper note.
2. Paper note can only be pulled.
3. Even if 1 coin is falls down, then that bottle will not be counted
4. if coins gets displaced on the bottle mouth, but did not fall, then that bottle will be counted.
5. Every player will be given max 1 minutes
The  Game Expert Description of The Money Game Expert :
1. Place all the bottles on stand and then place Rs 100 paper note on it's mouth and place five coins on it.
2. Ask the player to start the game.
3. Player is suppose the pull the paper is such a way that coins remain on bottle.
4. At the end of 1 minute the nos of bottle on which the paper note is pulled out, but all 5 coins remains is score.
Player with max score is The Money Game Expert winner

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