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Cool Games for Party

Material Required for Cool Games for Party:
1. One pack of playing Cards
2. 30 coins each of Rs 1 , 2 , 5

Cool Games for Party
Cool Games for Party Fun Games site
Rules : 1. Only one hand to be used during the game
2. Only one card and coin to be handled at a time
3. After putting relevant coin only he is allowed is take another card from the pack
Cool for Party Description of Cool Games for Party :
1. Take out all the King, Queen, Jack from the pack & keep them separately
2. Decide the sequence
3. Put all the coins in a bowl
4. Start the game
5. Player will take one playing card and keep on the table and then take out the coins from the bowl (coin value equal to the no written on card) e.g. if card is 3rd then he has to put
one Rs 1 and one Rs 2 coin. If the card
is 4 the two coin of Rs 2 or 2 of Rs 1 and one of Rs 2.
If card no is 5 then one coin of Rs 5 or two coin of Rs 2 and one coin of Rs 1 etc.
6. After doing it for the first card he can take 2nd card and so on
7. The no of correct coins he places on the card is his score.
8. The player with max coin is 'Cool Games for Party' winner.

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