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Super Stacker Game

Material Required for Super Stacker Game:
1. 6 Nut of size M10
2. One small wooden stick of dia 3-4 mm

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Super Stacker Game
Super Stacker Game New Funny Games site
Rules : 1. At the end of 1 minute the nos of nut stacked is your score.
2. During the game you are free to make it any no of time.
3. Player is not suppose to touch the nut during the game.
4. If many players stacks all the 6 , then the player with minimum time is winner.
Super  Game Description of Super Stacker Game :
1. Place all six on a table as shown and give stick to player.
2. Start the game.
3. Note the time when the player completes stacking of all the .( should be stable)
Player with max nut stacked / min time is Super Stacker Game for All winner

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