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Monkey Ball Roll Funny Game

Material Required for Monkey Ball Roll Funny Game:
1. One smooth table.
2. 10 nos of marble
3. One meter both side sticking tape

Monkey Ball Roll Funny Game
Monkey Ball Roll Funny Game  New Funny Games
Rules : 1. Every player will be given max 1 minutes and max 10 chances
2. The marbal which is not within the upper and lower boundary will not be counted. Marble on line (but more than 50% inside) will be counted
3. During game the player should not touch table.
Monkey  Funny Game Description of Monkey Ball Roll Funny Game :
1. Draw two lines at a distance of 10 cm apart on one side of table and stick the tape between these line. (tape will help in retarding the marbal.
2. Provide 10 marbal to one player and start.
3. Player will throw the marbal from one side of table, so that it stops between the two lines.
4. The no of marbal stops between two lines is score. The player with max score is
Monkey Ball Roll Funny Game winner

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