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Balloons Games for All

Material Required for Balloons Games for All:
1. sufficient nos of balloons
2. One 2 M long stick
3. one 10 cm long niddle.

Balloons Games for All
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Rules : 1. Player is not allowed to come out from inner circle.
2. Player cannot burst the balloons, who has come inside the inner or middle circle.
3. Every player will be given max 30 sec.
4. For the next player replace the no of balloons bursted by previous player.

Balloons for All Description of Balloons Games for All :
1. Draw three circles as shown.
2. Tie the niddle at one end of stick.
3. Place 30 bullions in between outer circle and middle circle.
4. Player will burst balloon with the help of stick (only those balloons, which are in between middle and outer circle.
5. No of balloons bursted at the end of 30 sec is your score.
Player with max. score is Balloons Games for All winner

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