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Piranha 3d Funny Game

Material Required for Piranha 3d Funny Game:
1. Balloons
2. Felt-Tip Permanent Markers
3. Small Pool

Piranha 3d Funny Game
Piranha 3d Funny Game  New Fun Games
Rules : 1. If any player brings wrong balloon, he / she will be out and game re-starts.
Piranha  Game Description of Piranha 3d Funny Game :
1. Inflate balloons and tie them off.
2. Using black felt-tip permanent markers, write down player number on the balloons.
3. Toss balloons into the water pool, one for each player.
4. On the word "Go!", Player will jump into the pool and try to grab/pop a wet and slippery balloon and return to start.

The player, who reaches the first is
Piranha 3d Funny Game

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