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Pass The Parcel Game

Material Required for Pass The Parcel Game:
1. One Soft toy like soft parcel
2. few slips of various activities

Pass The Parcel Game
Pass The Parcel Game New Fun Games site
Rules : 1. The person playing the music should not see towards the playing team to avoid biasing
Pass Parcel Game Description of Pass The Parcel Game :
1. Make few slips of various activities, which can be performed in 1-2 minutes like (sing a song, dance for 1 minutes, laugh for 15 seconds, imitate a actor, Act like a animal etc.)
2. Make a round of the players as shown in figure.
3. Give the parcel to one player
4. Play the music
5. Stop the music randomly after 4-5 seconds.
6. At the time the music is stopped, the person
who is holding the parcel is out. Ask him / her to pick a slip and perform the action.
7. Repeat the steps till only 1 player is left
8. He is the winner of Kids Games - Pass the Parcel

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