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Creative Writing Prompts Game

Material Required for Creative Writing Prompts Game:
1. Pencil
2. Paper
3. One mirror for checking the writing

Creative Writing Prompts Game
Creative Writing Prompts Game New Fun Games site
Rules : 1. No player is allowed to go out during the fun game
2. Players are allowed to cut and rewrite the word during the game.
3. All letters are to be written in capital letters
Creative   Game Description of Creative Writing Prompts Game :
1. Distribute the pencil and paper to all players
2. Ask the players to sit a bit separated among themselves
3. Inform them clearly that the are required to write the word in such a way that if the mirror is kept at the top line of it, it should appear correctly.(as shown in figure) and writing should be eligible.
4. Now speak the words like ( MIRROR , AMBULANCE , CARTOON etc.)
5. Give a pause of approx 10 seconds between the words
6. Speak about 8-10 words
7. Collect the paper and check writing with the help of mirror as shown.
8. Player with max correct answer is 'Creative Writing Prompts Game' winner
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