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Building Blocks Games for Kids

Material Required for Building Blocks Games for Kids:
1. 20 pieces of kids building blocks
2. Stop watch

Building Blocks Games for Kids
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Rules : 1. Each player is to use all the 20 blocks, otherwise penalty is
Used 18-20 blocks = 1 point
Used 15-17 blocks = 2 point
Used 12-14 blocks = 4 point
Used 11-13 blocks = 6 point
Used less than 11 blocks = 8 point
2. Max time allowed is 2 minutes.
3. No parents / spectators are allowed to suggest from out side.
4. Each made up design should be rated between 1 to 10 point
5. A player score is = (design score - penalty)
Building Blocks  Kids Description of Building Blocks Games for Kids :
1. Decide panel of judge
2. Decide the sequence by lottery
3. Dis mental all blocks and ask the kid to mage a design in 2 minutes
The player with Net max score is
Building Blocks Games for Kids winner

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