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Back to School Game

Material Required for Back to School Game:
1. One School bag having separate space for books, copies, pencil and Tiffin Box
2. 5 copies and 5 books
3. One pencil box, 1 pencil, 1 rubber, 1 scale etc.
4. One Tiffin Box

Back to School Game
Back to School Games
Rules : 1. All items are to be at proper space provided in bag
2. Bag should be properly closed

Back School Game Description of Back to School Game :
1. Mix all the items and keep at one place
2. Decide the sequence of players by lottery
3. Ask one placer to come and arrange the school bag
4. Note the time required to complete
5. Take out every thing and repeat with other player
6. Player with min timing is Back to School Game' winner
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