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Math Games for Kids

Material Required for Math Games for Kids:
1. White Papers    
2. Pencils

Math Games for Kids
Math Games  site
Rules : 1. All children ( boys & girls ) of one class to play at one time.
2. No player are allowed to carry calculator, extra paper & pencil with them. .
3. Copying is not allowed.

Math Games Description of Math Games for Kids :
1. Make a question paper of simple Maths and keep at a distance of say 20 meters (along with pencil ) as shown. .
2. All players are to stand cat one side.
3. Ask all the player to write their names on the paper as soon as they reach to other end before starting the answer.
4. Start the race. .
5. Players will run to other side and after completing the answer return to the original position with answer sheet. .
6. Collect the answer sheet and write the sequence of their arrival. .
7. The player who reaches first with all correct answer is Fun Math Games for kids winner.
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