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Kissing Game for Girls and Boys

Material Required for Kissing Game for Girls and Boys:
1. One Stand fitted with transparent glass
2. Red Color Marker
3. Measuring Tape

Kissing Game for Girls and Boys
Kissing Game for Girls and Boys
Rules : 1. Each player is allowed to kiss only once.
2. Player is not supposed to ask spectators for direction.
3. Spectators are free to speak and shout.
4. All the distance will be measured from only one corner as marked in Fig
5. during the play do not shift the stand
Kissing   Boys Description of Kissing Game for Girls and Boys :
1. Place the stand fitted with glass and mark a standard lip sign on it for kissing game
2. Make sequence by lottery
3. Ask player to stand behind the start line and close his eyes with black ribbon
4. After signal player will move towards glass for kissing
5. When player kisses the glass mark his lip place.
6. Measure the min distance of his /her lips to the mark made on glass Player with min distance is Kissing Game for Girls winner
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Kissing Game