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Kissing Games for Girls

Material Required for Kissing Games for Girls:
1. Multiple white paper pieces of size approx 10 * 10 cm
2. Few different colour lipstick
3. Stop watch

Kissing Games for Girls
Kissing Games for Girl  New Fun Games site
Rules :
1. Each girls will be given only 1 minutes
2. Only full lip marks will be counted (make a panel of judge for decision)
3. Player can use any colour lipstick for
any no of times
Kissing   Girls Description of Kissing Games for Girls :
1. Ask one player to come and use lipstick on her lips.
2. Provide her sufficient nos of white papers
3. Signal the start.
4. Girls will make her lips impression on the white paper and keep at one side
5. After one minute stop the game and count the no of papers. If impression is not clear take a decision to count it or not.
6. For each correct kissing impression give 1 marks and a partial like .5 / .4 etc for incomplete kissing impression
The girl with max marks is kissing games for Girls game winner
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