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Party Games for Couples

Material Required for Party Games for Couples:
1. Two spoons
2. Two Glass Bowl
3. Sufficient amount of peas

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Party Games for Couples
Party Games for Couples Fun Games site
Rules : 1. One the game started, the wife is not suppose to cross the circle
2. Height of the stands can be adjusted by the player before the start of the game
3. Husband (2nd player) is not allowed to touch the spoon, while it is have peas in the spoon. otherwise in between he can adjust his spoon

Party  Couples Description of Party Games for Couples :
1. keep one bowl filled with peas on one stand (stand no 1) and empty bowl on stand 2.
2. Give one spoon to each player
3. The wife will stand inside the circle with spoon in hand and husband can stand any where keeping spoon in his mouth
4. Start the game
5. Wife is required to pick the peas from the bowl with one spoon and transfer it to the husband spoon
6. Husband is to transfer the peas of his spoon to the 2nd bowl without touching the spoon
7. At the end of 1 minute the peas in the 2nd bowl is the score
The couple with max score is Party Games for Couples winner

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