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Brick Race Games for Couples

Material Required for Brick Race Games for Couples:
    1. No of bricks as per participants (two brick per couple)

Brick Race Games for Couples
Brick Race Games for Couples Fun Games
Rules : 1. If the partner (partner-B) who is moving on brick touches the ground or take any other support then the couple is disqualified

Brick  for Couples Description of Brick Race Games for Couples :
1. Ask all the players to assemble at the start line
2. Give one brick to one partner (partner-A)
3. Ask other partner to stand on one brick placed on line
4. Signal to start
5. The other partner(partner-A) will place one brick at a distance, where his partner (partner-B) can comfortably place his one leg and then
both the leg.
6. Now the partner-A will take the other brick (lying on ground as his partner-B has moved forward) and again place at a distance so that his partner (partner-B) can move forward.
7. The partners will keep on repeating the same till they reaches the finish line
8. The couple who reaches the finish line first is the 'Brick Race Games for Couples' winner
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