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Mummy Wrap Game

Material Required for Mummy Wrap Game:
1. Two colored toilet paper roll for each couples.    

Mummy Wrap Game
Mummy Wrap Game   New Fun Games
Rules : 1. The max marks for each couple is 10.
2. If the paper tears off during the game, then 2 marks will be deducted.
3. The max time allowed is 1 minutes.
4. If both the rolls are not utilized, then you are out.
Description of Mummy Wrap Game :
Mummy  Fun Games 1. Give two rolls to each couple.
2. After 'Start' signal the male member will try to decorate his partner with the help of toilet paper.
3. The marks will be
awarded on the basis of best look.
The couple with max score is ' Mummy Wrap Game ' winner.
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