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Base Pairs Game

Material Required for Base Pairs Game:

1. One big curtain as cloth wall    

Base Pairs Game
Base Pairs Game New Fun Games
Rules : 1. Each player will be given only one chance
2. Game will be repeated, once for male and once for female member. In both the round for correct identification one marks will be given.
3. No player is allowed to make any sound.

Description of Base Pairs Game :
Base  Fun Games 1. All the ladies will stand in a row without shoes / slippers.
2. Cover them with the help of curtain, so that only 6-8 inch of legs are visible.
3. The man has to find his partners by only by seeing the leg (use your eyes as X-Ray).
4. The correct identification will give you 1 mark.
5. Repeat the same by giving chance to ladies to identify her partner.
The pair with max score is ' Base Pairs Game ' winner.
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