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Sucking Game for Party

Material Required for Sucking Game for Party:
1. two transparent glass.
2. Sufficient drinking water and straws
3. one liquid measuring beaker.

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Sucking Game for Party
Sucking Game for Party
Rules : 1. Players cannot change the straw during the game (if they wish so)
2. Player are not allowed to change the water kept in 1st bottle
3. Every player will be given 1 minutes
4. You are not allowed to first fill your mouth with water and then shift to other glass.
5. Both the straw are to be used simultaneously
Sucking  Party Description of Sucking Game for Party :
1. Fill the first glass
with drinking water.
2. Provide 2 straw to player and ask him to place in his mouth properly.
3. The player is suppose to suck the water from one glass and divert it to other glass without touching the straw
4. At the end of 1 minute measure the collected in 2nd glass
Player with max water collected is Sucking Game for Party winner

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