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Restaurant Games for Adults

Material Required for Restaurant Games for Adults:
1. Sufficient no of lk
2. Sharp Knife

Restaurant Games for Adults
Restaurant Games for Adults
Rules : 1. Before start of the game cut both end pieces. Restaurant Adults All the participants should get lk of same length and almost of same dia.
2. All the pieces should have complete circumference. If the piece is not cut properly, it should not be counted.
3. Thickness is not the criteria, however once the piece is cut, you cannot cut it again.
4. Acceptable & unacceptable pieces are shown in fig.
5. All the players will be given max 1 minutes.
Restaurant Games Description of Restaurant Games for Adults :
1. Decide the sequence by lottery.
2. At the end of one minutes, count the correct pieces.
The players, who cut max acceptable pieces is Restaurant Games for Adults winner

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