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Shift Pepper Game for Party

Material Required for Shift Pepper Game for Party:
1. Three shallow containers (plastic)
2. 50-60 grains of black pepper and green peas
Shift Pepper Game for Party
Shift Party
Rules : 1. The black papper and peas placed in the correct container will be counted.
2. Player can change straw if it gets distorted or pepper gets stuck in the straw.
Shift  Game Description of Shift Pepper Game for Party :
1. Place all the pepper and green peas in the first container in mixed condition.
2. Ask the players to take one straw pipe in his hand
3. Signal to start the game
4. Player has to transfer peppers in empty bowl by sucking and holding them with straw pipe.
5. The papper and peas are to be shifted in the correct bowl, marked for it.
6. After one minute the pepper and peas in their respective container (i.e. in no 2 & 3) is the score.
7. Player with max score is   - pepper game winner.
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