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Air Blows Ball by Ball Fun Game

Material Required for Air Blows Ball by Ball Fun Game:
1. Wooden stand fitted with a small plate.
2. 3 nos of TT ball
3. One measuring tape.

Air Blows Ball by Ball Fun Game Air  Fun Game
 Fun Game
Rules : 1. Each player will be given 3 chances
2. A chance will be completed when the ball leaved the plate i.e. if after air blow the ball does not leave the plate, the chance will not be counted.
3. The distance will be measured from the stand base to the point ball hits the ground.
4. The max of three chances will be score.
Air  Game Description of Air Blows Ball by Ball Fun Game :
1. Decide the secuence by lottery.
2. Ask 1st player to blow air from his mouth so that ball goes to it's max distance.
3. Repeat the same for all player, then 2nd chance of 1st player and so on.
4. Every time measure the distance.
The player with max distance is game winner

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