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Unique Fun Games (Find Direction Fun Games)

Fun Game # 14) Name of the Game : Find Direction Fun Games
Material Required :     1. One scarf
2. Draw on a plywood or on the ground the circle as shown in figure

If you like

Rules : 1. All players will be given 3 chances
2. All the chances are not to be given at a time
3. One non-playing person will be the judge
4. The decision of the judge will be final as
for as points are concerned
Description of : Find
Direction Fun Games
1. Ask the person to stand in
the middle facing towards
10 points block and put
the stick on 10 point
2. Close his eyes with the help of a scarf
3. Rotate the player in random direction
(clock or anti clock)
4. Make sure that after rotation he is
in the circle
5. Now ask he to adjust himself so that
he is facing the original direction
6. After the player is satisfied ask him to
touch the ground by his stick
7. The place where his stick touches is his
score( as shown in figure- here score is 6)
8. Player with max score is
Find Direction Fun Gameswinner
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