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 Cloth Folding Party Games
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Cloth Folding Party Games

Fun Game # 6) Name of the Game : Cloth Folding Party Games
Material Required :     1. One 5 meter (approx) cloth (Sari) for each player
2. NEWS papers

If you like

Rules : 1. If any player clothes or the sari, he is folding touches the ground then he is out.
2. You are allowed to keep the sari on your body
3. Sari should be folded properly
4. One Judge is required to decide the
properly folded sari.
5. Judge has authority to reject the
quality of clothes folding
Description of : Cloth
Folding Party Games
1. Place the news paper on
the ground and then put
unfolded sari on it.
(as shown in figure)
2. Ask the players to
stand on the news paper on the side of sari
3. Signal to start the game
4. Each player will be folding the clothes
standing on the news paper and follow the rules
5. After the player folded the sari ask him
to keep on the news paper and record his timing
6. After every player completed the game ask
judge to decide if any folding to be rejected.
7. Among the accepted folding, the player with
min time is
Cloth Folding Party Games winner.
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