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 Fly The Kite Surfing
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      Fly The Kite Surfing

Fly The Kite Surfing

Fun Game # 5) Name of the Game : Fly The Kite Surfing
Material Required :     1. Few kites of median size
2. Thread

If you like

Rules : 1. each player will be given max 1 minutes.
2. At the starting each player will be given 10 sec to make the movement, so that kite flies
3. One the kite touches the ground the game is over and that is your score. 4. Once the first 10 sec is completed, then no player is allowed to
touch the thread of kite.
5. No player is allowed to go beyond the circle.
if any player goes beyond the circle then at that
time the score (seconds completed) is his score

Description of : Fly The Kite Surfing
1. Tie the kite with player
waist, so that it
completely rests on the ground.
2. Start the game. Player will
go round the circle in such a
speed that the kite flies.
3. Do not count first 10 sec. After that when
ever the kite touches the ground the game is over.
The player with max score is
Fly The Kite Surfing game winner

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(Fly The Kite Surfing)

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