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 Bouncing Balls Game
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Bouncing Balls Game

Fun Game # 1) Name of the Game : Bouncing Balls Game
Material Required :     1. Two flat stool
2. One no of buckets
3. Sufficient nos of TT balls

If you like

Rules : 1. Only those balls will be counted, which will bounce on both the stool and then falls in bucket
2. If a player crosses the throwing line, then that
ball will not be counted.
3. Player can throw only one ball at a time.
4. Every players will be given one minutes
Description of :
Bouncing Balls Game

1. Place the stools and
bucket at appropriate
distance as shown in figure.
2. Provide sufficient no of balls to player
3. During the game remove the balls, which does
not bounce on both the stool.

At the end of game player with max balls
in bucket is
Bouncing Balls Game winner

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