Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur Chokhi Dhani, a Rajasthani village themed resort, situated in the outskirts of Jaipur, is a representation of the culture, traditions and lifestyle of village life in Rajasthan. Chokhi Dhani village consists of an ethnic village theme resort with 100 (cottages, royal cottages and haveli suites) and it has multicuisine restaurants, banquet halls, spa, barbecue and sheesha (Hookah) lounge.
Chokhi Dhani Jaipur : The must visit place
jaipur chokhi dhani
jaipur chokhi dhani
Village look : The village fair attempts to encapsulate the feeling of the rural life and culture of Rajasthan, Chokhi Dhani Jaipur Chokhi Dhani Jaipur a state known for its cultural and historical richness. The chairman of Chokhi Dhani is Gulraj Vaswani, and the Managing Director is Subhash Vaswani. Founded in the year 1989, it is now spread over 22 acres (8.9 ha) of land and has evolved as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jaipur and continues to be one of the major players in the hospitality industry across India.

jaipur chokhi dhani

Planning for Chokhi Dhani Jaipur : You can start at around 6.30 PM from Jaipur city and reach there by 7.00 PM.
You require
3 hours for variety entertainment and free dinner at Chokhi Dhani Jaipur
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