National Museum of Art

National Museum of Art in Jaisalmer :
There are mainly 3 National Museum of Art museum in Jaisalmer
1) Desert Culture Centre & Museum
2) Jaisalmer Heritage Museum
3) Government Museum.

Apart from these museums there is a very big Fossile Park situated at a distance of approx 17 Km from the Jaisalmer city.
 Art Jaisalmer
 Art Jaisalmer
1. Desert Culture Centre & Museum : This is situated near the Lake and approx 1.5 km from the Jaisalmer Fort. National Museum of Art National Museum of Art  Art Jaisalmer This museum was founded by Sh N.K.Sharma and has some eye-catching collection of traditional Rajasthani textiles, utensils, weapons, musical instruments and fossils. There is one 'Katputuli' show every evening.

2. Jaisalmer Heritage Museum : This museum was founded by Sh L.N. Khatri. In this museum you can found traditional items, coins, post cards, ancient manuscripts, and musical instruments

3. Government Museum : It was started by state government and display the journey of Jaisalmer through different stages. This is one of the tourist place in Jaisalmer.
museum Jaisalmer

Time Required for Museums : To cover all these museums, you require to take a auto rikshaw or taxi.
1 hours for each museum
1 hours for Katputuli Show in Desert Culture Centre & Museum (evening 6 to 7 PM)
Photos of museum JaisalmerNational Museum of Art & Fort

museum Jaisalmer