About Mount Abu India

About Mount Abu India : Mount Abu is situated at the southern tip of the Aravali range. It is hill station of Rajasthan. The place is also famous as pilgrimage centre. Mount Abu is home for many saints and it has many famous Temples. This has also got lots of good schls. Some times during winter the temp goes as low as -4 degree.
How to reach Mount Abu : It is a Hill station and the nearest Rly station is Abu Road, which is 26 Km from Mount Abu and direct trains are available from major cities. The nearest airports are Udaipur and Ahmedabad. However regular buses and taxies are available from Abu Road, Ahmedabad, Ranakpur, Udaipur etc. It is 220 Km from Ahmedabad and 190 km from Udaipur.
Tourist places in Mount Abu :
1, Gaumukh Temple: A natural spring flowing through a sculpted cows head.
2. Dilwara Jain Temple: This is a beautifully carved temples built between 11th and 13th century and a must see place. This is a superb example of temple architecture.
3. Adhar Devi Temple: The temple is made from a singke rock and situated on a hill.
4. Guru Shikhar     5. Achalgarh     6. Nikki Lake     7. Sun Set Point     8. Art & Museums (refer link below)
Shikhar & Achalgar
tourist places in mout abu
Nikki Lake
About Mount Abu India
Sun Set Point
About Mount Abu India
About Mount Abu India
Images of Abu
tourist places in mout abu
Duration Required in the Jodhpur : 2 days are required.
Day 1 - Starting museums go to Dilware Jain Temple return to Nikki Lake. Before Sun set go to Sun Set point.
Day 2 - Starting from Adhar Devi Temple goto Guru Shikhar and on return visit two brahma kumari ashrams and Achalgarh.
On Return Day - If you are returning by Taxi or boarding a train from Abu Road, you may plan for Ambaji temple, which is 25 Km from Abu Rad.
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tourist places in mout abu