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Name : Ms. Seema
Profession : House Wife
e-mail : seemasaurish@yahoo.co.in
Hobby : Teaching & music
Website : www.funandhobby.com
All visitors are invited to provide new informations to be included in this site. The web-page will have their name as reference (if they wish).


27.08.2008 New section of 'Fun Games', 'Health' and 'Web Design' added

27.12.2007 The website www.funandhobby.com was Inaugurated by Shri R.K.Marhatha , General Manager (Bharat Electronics/Kotdwara)

My website was started as my hobby. It's aimed to provide the details about various hobby to our friends.
Now, as the various feed back received, we are trying to group the various information on different topics at one place.

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